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Some of my proud moments

  • Saving a client over $127,000 at a real estate closing. His share was almost miscalculated by the closing company due to a convoluted distribution scheme. Counting on the expertise of professionals involved in the transaction, he would not have caught the mistake otherwise.
  • Settling a protracted litigation matter over a relatively small estate.  My client was paying another attorney hourly for litigation, while the other side’s attorney was on contingency.  My client was drained emotionally and financially.  My offer to settle was welcomed by all involved.
  • Finding a creative solution to help a client whose aunt, his only living relative and she his, avoid the delays and cost of probate.  A $300 document saved him thousands of dollars in future probate costs and months of delay.  When the aunt passed, her home was seamlessly transferred to his name.
  • Reading raving online reviews from my clients.

Biggest pet peeve

  • When a client calls, e-mails or texts and starts with “I am sorry to bother you…”  My answer is always the same: “You are not bothering me.  I work for you!”  I spent a lot of money and time going to school so that I can do what I do.  And I love it!  Every day.

Favorite Clients

  • Young families that take a thoughtful approach to planning for their small children’s wellbeing, older couples that have been married for decades and have great love for one another and their families, siblings that get along, clients that are grateful for my expertise and for taking a burden off their shoulders.


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