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Is Your Estate Plan Good or Great?

Do you already have an estate plan? If so, is it good or is it great? Even if you have not done any planning, where do you begin? How do you hire an attorney that will draft you a GREAT plan? I would like to begin by saying something about the deceptive name of this […]

Another Heartbreaking Story About DIY Documents

This story really touched me, so I want to share it and hope it can help someone avoid a similar mistake. I received a call from a potential client. He told me his mother passed away and left her home to her disabled daughter, the caller’s sister. The called wanted me to assist with probate […]

The REAL Reason to Invest into Estate Planning

First things first. What is estate planning? Estate Planning that an attorney can assist you with is putting in place documents that protect you, your family and your assets in the event of your death or incapacity. Common documents that come to mind are Wills and Trusts, but these are just the beginning. A Will […]

What is a Will? What is a Trust? What is Probate?

A Will (Last Will and Testament) is a document that, if properly executed, directs distribution of a person’s assets after his or her death. The distribution is accomplished through a process called probate administration. See my upcoming post on who needs a Will and who does not. A Trust is a legal entity that owns […]

Do I Need a Last Will and Testament?

Almost everyone knows what a Will is. In Florida, a valid Will is a Will that was made and executed for a resident of another state, in compliance with that state’s requirements. In other words, if a Will is valid in the state it is from, it will be valid in Florida. Another way to […]