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Some of my proud moments

  • Saving a client over $127,000 at a real estate closing. His share was almost miscalculated by the closing company due to a convoluted distribution scheme. Counting on the expertise of professionals involved in the transaction, he would not have caught the mistake otherwise.
  • Settling a protracted litigation matter over a relatively small estate.  My client was paying another attorney hourly for litigation, while the other side's attorney was on contingency.  My client was drained emotionally and financially.  My offer to settle was welcomed by all involved.
  • Finding a creative solution to help a client whose aunt, his only living relative and she his, avoid the delays and cost of probate.  A $300 document saved him thousands of dollars in future probate costs and months of delay.  When the aunt passed, her home was seamlessly transferred to his name.
  • Reading raving online reviews from my clients.

Biggest pet peeve

  • When a client calls, e-mails or texts and starts with “I am sorry to bother you…”  My answer is always the same: “You are not bothering me.  I work for you!”  I spent a lot of money and time going to school so that I can do what I do.  And I love it!  Every day.

Favorite Clients

  • Young families that take a thoughtful approach to planning for their small children's wellbeing, older couples that have been married for decades and have great love for one another and their families, siblings that get along, clients that are grateful for my expertise and for taking a burden off their shoulders.

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  • "Efficient and knowledgeable- great experience!"

    "Natalia was extremely efficient- something I'm not used to when engaging attorneys. She quickly helped my partner and I establish an Operating Agreement for our business and informed us of risks associated with our decisions."
  • "Natalia handled my purchase of a condominium"

    "Natalia handled my purchase of a condominium in Delray Beach. Everything was done with expertise, precision, professionalism and at a very reasonable cost. She enlisted help of a highly qualified title / closing company that handled the deal quickly and efficiently. I couldn't be happier."
  • "Lemon Law"

    "After complete frustration and anger with my defective new motor vehicle, under recommendation, I decided to consult with attorney Natalia Bevilacqua regarding Florida consumer protection laws. Upon meeting with Ms Bevilacqua, I was pleased to find that she was well informed regarding the states...
  • "Probate"

    "Ms. Bevilacqua handled my mother's probate in 2015. The probate paperwork was prepared with attention to details and was filed with the court in a timely manner. I was kept informed every step of the probate process. Ms. Bevilacqua is very professional and I would recommend her to anyone that n...
  • "Excellent professional attorney at reasonable cost"

    "Everything was done with expertise, precision, professionalism and at a very reasonable cost. I am so happy to have found her. Natalia is kind, patient, listens and was very helpful. I can't say enough good things about her. She's the best. In addition she speaks Russian, that make many things m...
  • "Excellence in action"

    "Ms Bevilacqua was, without a doubt, the most caring attorney I have ever dealt with. Her knowledge, expertise, professionalism and expeditious services were almost beyond words. She even made a trip to the hospital on a weekend to have me review some very important and urgent matters. Who does t...
  • "Отличный юрист!"

    "Добрый день! У нас произошла неприятная ситуация. Мы оплатили депозит за квартиру в Майами, а когда приехали на место хозяйка квартиры сказала, что не пустит нас из-за наличия маленького ребенка и отказалась возвращать депозит. Мы нашли по объявлению юриста Наталью, она очень подробно нас прокон...
  • "Outstanding work"

    "Natalia drafted a will and guardian documents for me. My circumstances were unique - she went above and beyond to do the research and provide recommendations to meet my goals. She was thorough and a pleasure to work with. I would strongly recommend her services and look forward to working with h...
  • "Power of Attorney Draft"

    "Mrs. Bevilacqua is very professional person creating for me and my wife Power of Attorney documents to be very kind and patient explaining all specific details of our case. The service has a very reasonable price. We will recommend her as very good lawyer."
  • "Probate and deed"

    "Natalia did a flawless job in transferring title from my Mother's name to mine . Also had quit claim deed done on a different property . I will continue using Natalia and highly recommend her to others!"
  • "Excellent!"

    "I was fortunate to find Natalia as I am out of town and needed help with a probate in Florida. She did an excellent job with the probate, is great at communication and kept me in the loop the entire process. I felt her fee's to be very reasonable as well. I would highly recommend Natalia!"
  • "Estate Probate and Title"

    "Natalia Bevilacqua's expertise, directness and care helped me through a difficult time dealing with my husband's estate. Her guidance and help sorted out not only all the paperwork but she helped me understand the process. I not only will recommend her services but will also use the firm for fut...
  • "Extremely professional service"

    "It was a real pleasure working with her. She is professional, committed and reliable. Even though she was located in another state from me, I felt confident that she would handle my case. She always kept me informed, updated and responded quickly to any of my issues or concerns. I would highly r...
  • "I wish all lawyers were like Natalia"

    "I searched Avvo.com last year for a lawyer concerning an estate for my father in Florida. Since I don't live in the state, it was difficult to find someone to trust because I prefer to meet the person face to face before I hire them. I found Natalia after sending a message through Avvo.com to 3 ...
  • "Wonderfully personable"

    "Natalia actually handled my father's will. As his time got close, I reached out to Natalia for help and advice. I live in another state, so communication was limited to phone calls, texts and emails. She helped me (and my dad) through a very difficult and stressful situation. Her professionalism...
  • "Efficient, Knowlegeable, Excellent Experience!"

    "Natalia is a very smart, thorough, efficient and knowledgeable attorney! She handled all my paperwork in a timely fashion, explained it all so it was understood, and made the experience super easy. Definitely call her for your estate planning!"
  • "Great Service"

    "Although we never met in person, Natalia being in Florida and my being in Massachusetts. I still felt that I knew her well via her prompt and courteous phone calls and correspondence in the form of either emails or letters. She answered all questions and followed up when appropriate. I highly re...
  • "Very Professional, Knowledgable and Responsive!"

    "Natalia is outstanding attorney who has helped me with several probates and guardianships. She really knows her stuff and has always been fair with her fees."
  • "Affordable and efficient."

    "Natalia has been a pleasure to work with. She is responsive, efficient and affordable. She knows what she's doing and is honest. We hired Natalia from out of state to handle our Florida Probate. She communicated everything clearly to us."
  • "Exceptional Attorney"

    "Natasha helped me create a will which I'd been contemplating doing for ten years! She made me very comfortable!"
  • "Super Helpful"

    "Natalia went out of her way to answer my call while she was at home, and was very thorough with doing so. You can tell she cares about her clients."
  • "Great Attorney"

    "Natalia is a great lawyer! She is very professional and well educated in her profession. She explained the process to me step by step with my daughter's guardianship. Everything was handled in the timely manner."
  • "Excellent Service"

    "Hi, this is Charlotte . I'd like to express my gratitude to Natalia, for the manner in which she has handled my probate process. Natalia is a consummate professional. She has made this process very straight forward for me. She is always accessible, and all of her work is very thorough. She is ve...
  • "Great service"

    "I am very happy with the services. Everything was done fast and without complications. Natalia gave me updates on my case. She is very knowledgeable and very professional. 2 of my friends refer me to her and I am happy they did."
  • "Quick Turn Around, Responsive, Fairly Priced...Witty"

    "When a text or email just won't work and I needed to talk, Natalia was always available, which made our communications much smoother and added to the quick turn around. She is easy to work with and fairly priced."
  • "Amazing Lawyer who is patient"

    "I consulted with her and was preparing to hire her after she spent at least 1-2 hours looking over my case and taking the time to hear it out. I decided the cost over what I the outcome would be wasn't worth it.. She absolutely deserves your time and work.... Not many like her that are patient a...
  • "Trustworthy and Easy to Work With"

    "I recently felt the need to refresh my will and other estate planning documents. It was easy working with Natalia. She is extremely thorough and the process was fast. She explained many of the nuances I was not acquainted with and made sure all my bases were covered. I was so comfortable sharing...
  • "Thorough service and pleasant experience."

    "Until I met Natalia, my experience with lawyers has been almost uniformly terrible, so it is with a fair amount of apprehension that we hired one. And yet, Natalia was terrific - responsive, clear, and thorough. My family hired her to do a trust, and I'm very happy with quality of her work and h...
  • "Superior Experience in Probates"

    "Natalia was recommended to me when my uncle passed away in Florida. I could have hired another attorney but wanted to stay with someone in Florida and I did not have any legal contacts there. Natalia was amazing, she gave clear advice in terms I could understand it and worked with me closely wit...
  • "Five Stars and Many Thanks!!"

    "Natalia agreed to take on our family's highly complex, "headache" of a case (a case that any sane person would've probably run in the opposite direction of!) and remained committed and diligent throughout the entire process. She was informative, accessible, and made everything seamless and simpl...
  • "Helpful and easy to talk to"

    Natalia did not accept my case but walked me through everything and listened, she gave me some very useful advice and steps to take in meeting deadlines as well as referred me to another firm that was more suitable for my situation. She was my first call and I recommend she be yours as well. Than...
  • "Dedicated and honest attorney"

    "Dedicated and honest attorney with excellent grasp of Estate Law. Natalia provides solid legal advice and services at fair price."
  • "She was absolutely amazing."

    "I was very happy with the care and concern I've received with Natalia Bevilacqua. She was absolutely amazing. Extremely efficient and handled everything in a timely manner. Actually was handled ahead of schedule and kept me informed every step of the way. Definitely would recommend this law firm."
  • "Natalia is a very professional and trustworthy lawyer."

    "Natalia is a very professional and trustworthy lawyer. She has handled a few legal matters for me and always goes above and beyond. She specializes in estate planning, probate, wills and trusts. Highly recommend using her services."
  • "Talking with her was like a breath of fresh air."

    "After searching for many years to find an attorney to do the Annual Guardianship Plan for my adult son diagnosed with autism, I finally found attorney Natalia Bevilacqua. Talking with her was like a breath of fresh air. She was compassionate, understanding, and fair. I wholeheartedly recommend a...

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