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What Is A Last Will and Testament?

A Will is a written document in which a person directs how his or her assets are handled after their death.  A person’s assets can include real estate, vehicles, businesses, bank accounts, jewelry, collectibles, and even digital assets.

A person making a will designates who receives which particular assets and who will be the person in charge of handling matters related to the will.  This person is called a Personal Representative.

Florida has strict rules on how a will must be executed and who can and cannot serve as Personal Representative.  Your estate planning attorney knows these rules.  A will that is missing certain formalities or a will that is improperly executed is completely invalid.

There are also laws that deal with who may or may not be excluded from a will.  In Florida spouse is the only person that cannot be completely disinherited.  There are also laws prohibiting Florida residents from giving their home to anyone besides their spouses and minor children. 

Your Estate Planning attorney knows the applicable laws.  If you have a question about Florida wills, call Bevilacqua Law, P.A. at 561-877-1515.