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Dedicated to representing families in Probate, Guardianship, Estate Planning matters. Bevilacqua Law, P.A. is focused solely on these interrelated areas of law

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Why Bevilacqua Law?

Focus on Probate, Estate Planning and Guardianship. It’s ALL we do!

Bevilacqua Law thoughtfully and intentionally limits its practice to interrelated matters of Probate, Estate Planing and Guardianship Law. Why is this important? Because practice makes perfect and because expertise combined with volume creates economies of scale, which translates into excellent results and affordable legal fees for our clients.

Convenience and Flexibility

We communicate with our clients on flexible terms and utilize available technology to make interactions more convenient, whether you prefer to meet at our downtown Delray Beach office or via teleconferencing.  If circumstances make travel difficult or impossible, we will make accommodations and meet you at the hospital at your home.

Easy to Work with and Understand

At Bevilacqua Law we excel at explaining legal matters in plain English. Most people do not routinely deal with the legal system, but we do! Our expertise will guide you making seemingly difficult things uncomplicated. We partner with our clients to achieve desired results through clear communication.

Fair and Transparent Pricing

Most of what we do is billed on flat-fee or percentage basis, agreed to in advance. This way, there is never a surprise bill. Traditional hourly billing promotes attorney inefficiency and leads to client dissatisfaction. We believe in delighting our clients and making legal representation affordable.

Contact Bevilacqua Law Today

Simply schedule a 15-minute call with us if you have questions about your probate, estate planning or guardianship matter.  Call 561-877-1515 or click HERE to schedule an appointment.