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Florida Residential Evictions by Landlord (Pricing)

Florida Residential Eviction - Flat fee of $2,000*

What is included:

- Initial Consultation with an attorney

- Proper and necessary notice drafted and served on the tenant

- Complaint is drafted and filed with the Court

- Complaint is served on the tenant

- Request of Clerk's Default from the courthouse

- One hearing, if necessary

- Writ of Possession drafted and filed

* There are no hidden fees or costs.  This price includes expenses, filing fees, and costs.

If the tenant(s) pay the past due rent or turn in the keys during the notice period, and the need to file for eviction is eliminated, we will refund you $1,000 of your initial $2,000 payment. Additional fees and costs will apply for contested matters, multiple court appearances, and defending potential counterclaims.

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